Learning Center


Controlling Your Kart

By default, the left grip button accelerates the car while the left-hand analog stick controls your direction. To drift, start turning in your desired direction and then hit the left trigger. Drift limits your steering angle while charging your Nitro, so be sure to stay on course. When your Nitro Gauge is full, you can press the lever or Nitro button to get a big burst of speed! Nitro will help you to quickly speed past your opponents, edging you closer to first place!

Collecting Race Item

Collecting Item Crates will give you a random Race Item. If an Item Crate is floating above your car, you can raise your hand to grab it! Race Items will be added to your Kart Console.
Take a Race Item on your Kart Console into your hand by simply touching it. See if you can do this without looking! You can only have two Race Items on your Kart Console at a time, so don’t let them go to waste! Be sure to use your Race Items before collecting more!

Lock and Load!

There are a lot of Race Items and various ways to use them, so try out new strategies! The main uses for Race Items are: Shooting, Activation, Throwing and Smacking!
Some shooting-type Race Items are automatic while others are fully semi-automatic which you need to fire away until you’re out of ammo!

PoPs and Levels

Carbos love excitement! They will reward you with a Popularity Point or “POPs” when you perform anything cool or exciting in an online match. You can gain POPs by hitting another Racer with a Race Item, collecting Spark, earning a podium finish, or pulling off impressive drifts. Grow your career by leveling up through POPs and earn more Carboxes plus bragging rights in the process.

Achieving the greatness

There are also tons of unique Achievements for you to unlock. Some are easy to earn, but others will challenge your racing skills. For example, you might be rewarded for achieving first place multiple times in a row. You can check your progress in the Achievement menu. Finishing some Achievements may unlock new ones, so make sure to check your list often! Completing Achievements will also net you bonus rewards. Don’t forget to claim these valuable rewards in the Achievement menu!

All about Pads

During a race, you will spot a variety of pads on the course. Most of them will help you out, but some might slow you down, so be sure to remember their positions!
Boost Pads will grant you a nice speed boost and Slow Pads will slow you down, obviously. Press the nitro button as soon as you hit a Speed Pad to gain instant Boost!

Tuning Up

You can unlock new engines by progressing in Career Mode and change them in the Customization menu or in the pre-match lobby. Each engine changes your Kart in unique ways. For example, some will increase your speed but lower your handling, while others give massive acceleration at the cost of a lower max speed. Engine plays a more crucial role in Pro Racing mode, where each turn or track requires greater precision. So try all of them out and find the best one that suits your driving style!


If you ever get a duplicate item from a Carbox, it will be automatically sold and you will get some CarBits back, depending on the item’s rarity. You can use CarBits to directly buy all non-exclusive items in Dash Dash World. CarBits can also be earned by completing Achievements and participating in Events. There are more than one currencies, which you can simply switch between them by clicking on icon.


Carboxes are the gifts you’ll gain from your Carbo fans. You can earn Carboxes in a variety of ways, such as leveling up, completing achievements, racing in tournaments, and more. Each Carbox contains a fantastic gift that will make you more fabulous while racing! There are many different types of seasonal Carboxes, each one including different gifts, so look out for your favorite!

Making your Match

To start looking for a match, select your preferred Matchmaking options and press “Find Match” in the menu or from your car’s console. If Matchmaking times feel too long, try enabling the “Cross Server” option or disabling the “Play with human” option to jump into the race faster.

Game Modes

Dash Dash World features many different racing modes for you to enjoy! Want to get some solo racing time before the real matches begin? Try out Practice Mode. Up for a lengthy bout of racing? Check out the Grand Prix settings or take on any of the many single-player missions in the Career Mode! If the live-events and tournaments are available, there will be a new “Event” button next to standard Matchmaking.


Sparks is a 9volt battery that can be used to charge the Nitro in your kart. The more you collect the faster you refill the gauge. Sparks not only benefit on speed but to level your career too. Collect it as much as you can to get more PoPs for your career.

Rest Mode

Do you want to sit back and relax Dash Dash racing in the most comfort way possible? Try enable the Rest mode! When using Rest mode, you can just point and click to grab and use item instead of moving your hand, as simple as that!


Having trouble finding customization? Check out the filter options. The cusomizations can be sort by rarity, price and name. Moreover, you can trun on/off item you can't have, don't have or already have


Many Shades of Nitro

There is more than one way to Boost! Gain Nitro by drinking and eating any of the Dash Nutrition Brand™ items! Press the nitro button right as you hit a Boost Pad and gain a free instant boost. You can drift to use the Energy Recovery System to charge the Nitro until it is full. Nitro Chain can be performed by using the Nitro consecutively before the Combo Gauge depletes after each boost. The chain can perform up to 3 times.

Drafting to Victory

If you’re driving close enough to an opponent’s car, you will gain a slipstream effect and start Drafting! While Drafting, your maximum speed will increase, allowing you to sling-shot and overtake your opponents! The speed increase from Drafting will last for a few seconds, so try to stay on your opponent’s bumper!

Immersive Control

Do you want to experience Dash Dash racing in the most realistic and lifelike way possible? Try the Immersive control scheme! When using immersive controls, you actually have to grab the wheel to steer and grab Race Items from your Kart Console to use them! You’ll also have to manually pull the nitro lever any time you want to initiate Nitro! While using Immersive controls, you can also do awesome tricks such as dual-wielding items!

Pro Tips


Have you tried drifting on a straight course? It’s a great way to charge your nitro gauge and achieve the maxim Nitro Chain! It might take a lot of practice to learn snake-drifting, but once you master it, there will be no stopping you from taking first place!

Going Pro

Pro Mode is where you’ll race at a much faster speed! You will need to know your kart and the track pretty well as Pro Mode is exceptionally tough! Here, you will be competing with the best of the best. Don’t hold back, as these racers are likely experts at racing and combat mechanics! The Pro Mode leaderboard is separated from the standard Matchmaking leaderboard. Flex hard on the competition by gaining a spot on the Pro Mode leaderboard, becoming a Top Pro Racer!

Career Mode

Making your Career

The Academy mode tests your skills and makes sure you are ready for the more challenging chapters. You will unlock more chapters after completing academy stage 5. Each mission gives you a Career Pass. Racing online will also earn you a Pass which can be used to unlock more episodes.

Career Mode

There are many winning conditions that will measure your skill from collecting sparks and POPs to drifting, to racing in time limit races. So be well-prepared. Keep your eyes on the progression bar. Once you complete it, it will turn from blue to green. Check the completed condition easily by noticing the medal on the progression bar. If you manage to complete all 3 medals at once, special rewards are await.

Expert Mode

Once you mastered Adventure mode, pump up the challenge and jump into the Expert mode You need to be better, faster and stronger as there will be new and harder win condition. So you better sharpen your skill. Besides testing your skill, the greater challenges provide the greater rewards.